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Wellness Classes at Shantih Therapies

Meditation Classes

Wellness Classes & Workshops including group sessions such as meditation and mindfulness have become very popular in recent years as they are wonderful to help free our minds from racing relentless thoughts and calm our very being. 

It can sound challenging but simply it involves mental exercises to relax, focus and gain awareness of who we are at the very core of our being.

Meditation is where we move from the conscious to the subconscious mind allowing us to access more of the energy in the subconscious for healing, personal growth and development.  It gives us an opportunity to discover and connect with ourselves. 

We find space in meditation to let go of stress and tension.  It offers an opportunity to release old negative thoughts and emotions that are no longer serving our purpose. This is very important as our thoughts are very powerful and can build us up or bring us down.  Our thoughts do create our reality.  Our negative thinking connects us to other negative people and attracts negative situations in our lives. 

Through meditation, we can calm the mind, restore peace within and this is what we radiate out to the world to attract peaceful situations back to us.  It is better to be actively calm and calmly active in life.

Classes are small – €15 per session

There are many types of meditation and the one I share is from the Taoist tradition to bring harmony into the body and relieve stress.

Meditation is an individual practice, even if you are sitting in a group.  Usually, you would close your eyes, remain still in your seat or in a standing position and be guided through a visualisation practice. 

This gives you an opportunity to leave behind the thinking about the to-do-lists, the worries of today, or tomorrow, or the ‘should’s’ we place on our shoulders.

Today’s world is very busy and we occupy ourselves with modern technology as a constant stimulus in our lives.  We need time out to listen to the inner yearnings for space and peace, to listen to what we really want out of our lives, to find the joy with who we are and spend time with ourselves even in a group setting – a time to do nothing.  Joining Wellness Classes & Workshops is a perfect way to schedule that time with yourself.

You learn to relax the body and observe where you hold tension.  Letting go of this tension from the body actually gives you more energy to do the things you want to and restores balance to your nervous system.

Meditation simply requires your time, patience and consistency.


Benefits of Meditation Classes

  • Calms the mind and promotes deep relaxation
  • Aids with sleep
  • Reduces stress and the effects of stress on the body
  • Helps with postural awareness
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Reduces tension in the body
  • Helps improve your mental performance and focus
  • Supports emotional healing and letting go of damaging emotions to the body both physically and mentally
  • Become more self-aware 
  • Helps you overcome worry and anxiety
  • A general and gentle restorative practice

Wellness Workshops at Shantih Therapies

Heart Connection Healing – Wellness Workshop

This Wellness Workshop is held one evening a week over a four week period. It incorporates meditation, movement, Tameana Energy Healing and Sound Baths.

The focus of the workshop is on four energy centres – the sacral/gut area, the heart centre, the throat and third eye centres. 

We work together practising exercises to strengthen these areas and the connection between them with the intention of learning to receive guidance and insights, process them, bring them to the heart for understanding and speak our truth aligning to our personal goals.

Tameana Energy Healing and the Sound Healing baths support transformation on a deep level. They help you connect to your own sense of power, unlocking your inner wisdom and intuitive knowing.

You become more aware of your patterns of thinking, are able to confront the discrepancies between what is real and what is perceived and experience a realignment of your thoughts and behaviours so that you can experience personal growth and fulfilment.

Groups are small.  Each evening runs for 90 minutes.


The fee is €120 for the 4 weeks.

  • Align with your personal goals
  • Receive guidance and insights
  • Balance energy centres of the body
  • Awaken to your true nature which is love
  • Raise your vibrations and your energy levels
  • Alleviate stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Feel empowered
  • Connect body, mind and soul
Wellness Classes & Workshops

Power of 8 Intention Healing Groups

‘’Tap into your extraordinary human capacity for healing using the miraculous power of group intention’’ Lynn McTaggart.

This is a healing group held every week for eight consecutive weeks. There are eight participants in the group each with their own intentions for what it is they would like to work on and also have the support of the group for this. 

It has been proven that when people intend for other people, they see their own lives transform and change also.  The healing is all in the participation and the desire to support and intend for others as well as yourself. 

I create a safe and nurturing space for this to happen.  There is a sense of connectedness between each person in the group that grows from week to week.  The consistency of the group meeting builds up trust and belief in all possibilities.

An intention is a goal, or vision, that you have for your life that guides your thoughts, choices and activities.  Your intentions influence your experiences.  It is basically a statement about something that you want to happen.  

Each week follows a particular pattern and each participant has a weekly class specifically devoted to their intention.  We all act as one mind imagining the recipient healthy and achieving their wish for wholeness or whatever their intention is.  

There is a sound bath each week which uses sound healing vibrations to support this process. Each evening centers on a new life skill bringing greater direction and overall clarity on your intentions supporting each person on this journey of self-discovery, transformation and achieving the status of the peaceful warrior in their own lives.

Fee is €240 for the 8 weeks

  • Supportive group offering connection
  • Learn new life skills
  • Gives greater life direction
  • Clarity and awareness
  • Transformative
  • Healing support
  • Powers up your intentions
  • A greater sense of well-being
  • More creative
  • Clears old negative thought patterns
  • Greater relaxation
  • Stress relief

– Jonathan Goldman

Sound Inner Landscapes Workshop

This is a Heart Centeredness Wellness Workshop spanning over 6 weekly sessions.

It includes a combination of Sound Baths, Tameana Energy Healing, Healy Vibrational Frequencies and includes Affirmations and  Journaling.

This is a journey of self-exploration requiring commitment, consistency and discipline offering the recipient the opportunity for growth and expansion, loosening one’s identification with their problems and giving you a more balanced perspective on life.

  • Raise your awareness
  • Raise your consciousness
  • Raise your vibration
  • Raise your commitment to self-care
  • Receive group support
  • Realign yourself to deep peace and well-being


Cost for this workshop is €180 for the 6 weeks



I attended a series of workshops with Mary in which she blended many of her treatments to provide a wonderful healing experience. She is an amazing energy worker.
Her soundbaths and Tameana sessions are very relaxing and enjoyable and create powerful and amazing energy shifts . Mary offers great support that helps us bring this healing into our day to day lives.She is authentic and passionate about all treatments she provides.
I highly recommend Mary


Tks so much Mary ❤
Totally I enjoyed our beautiful meditations & Tameana was so fabulous . I will look forward to attending on a monthly basis.
Thanks for all the effort you put in to make it a very personal and enjoyable experience.


I gained so much over the last 6 weeks, giving myself the time to reflect on a daily basis and the journalling helped me to notice where my time was going on mindless things like scrolling internet or watching TV, I felt more focused and grounded when I took time to write and practice your notes, much more insight in to myself thanks for everything really enjoyed the course xxx


Power of 8 Intention Healing Group


My experience of the Power of 8 Group was an incredibly positive one.  I set my intention and opened myself up to accept support from others as I supported them in return.

The connection between the group members was instant and felt very powerful.  It was through this healing support that I manifested my intentions.  I will be forever grateful to Mary and the group for their guidance.

I cannot recommend Mary and her work highly enough.  She is incredible.


“The group helped me keep aligned with my intention. When doubt crept in I could return to the chant and knowing that seven others were also supporting my intention was very uplifting.

It can be easier to believe in another’s intention, to see it clearly manifest for them than it can be for our own and the gift in the group is that when you believe for another our vibration is raised so you become a clear receptor which brings your intention to you also.

After the Power of 8 sessions, I felt a clarity and a deep sense of certainty that what I was asking for was answered”

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