Shantih Healing

Shantih Healing Treatment

Shantih healing treatment is an energy healing treatment that works with the meridians and the chakras of the body supporting life force energy to be supplied to all the organs and cells of the body.

You lay fully clothed on a massage table, beneath you a magnetic mat that has neodymium earth magnets sewed into it. 

In your hands, you hold two crystal geometric healing tools that are connected to the mat by copper wires, one in your left hand and one in your right hand. 

Subtle electrical stimulation may be felt throughout your body during the treatment.  Other crystal weavers may be held like pendulums over the body.  These can work on painful areas of the physical body or work through the person’s aura energising and revitalising the body.

Channelled symbols that carry the consciousness of different aspects of body, mind and soul are used in the recipient’s aura. 

€60 – Session 60min

In this treatment one receives the energy from mother earth, supporting and grounding.  It also supports you, connecting to your higher consciousness and innate wisdom.  This flow of energy helps to balance the heaven and earth energies within you. There is also a flow created by holding the healing tools in the palms of your hand which are connected to the mat your body is laying on.  It is like full-body hands-on healing.

This treatment helps to bring body, speech and mind into alignment.  We create our own reality by the thoughts we think.  Our thoughts help produce emotions and our actions arise from what we think and feel. 

We need body and soul and heart and mind to work together in alignment with our true nature which is love.

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.  Being grounded means taking care of our bodies, our minds and our emotional states.


  • Clears emotional blockages
  • Increases vitality
  • Brings clarity
  • More flow and synchronicities in one’s life
  • Brings awareness of your habitual patterns of thinking that no longer serve you
  • Increases your intuition
  • Re-energises and restores balance




Shantih Healing 

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