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Distance Healing Treatments

Distance healing treatments are available and carried out by Mary McCumiskey.  The  therapies available to be accessed by distance/remotely are:

What is Distance Healing and How does it work?

This is where the Practitioner and the recipient of healing are in two different locations. Both could be in the same town, same country or different countries across the globe. Healing energy is transmitted across time and space.  Consciousness plays a major role in distance healing.  

We are all vibrational beings connected to each other through a unified field of consciousness.  How often have you thought of someone to have them call you later.  There are many stories of twins who live 1000’s of miles away from each other but have been affected by what is happening to the other twin and having a knowingness that something is wrong with the other. They are tuning in to each other’s frequency and vibration. 

We turn on our radio and tune in to a particular station and hear music.  This music is not part of the radio itself but is sound coming across the airwaves.  We use our mobile to call someone in another country and they can hear and understand what we are saying.  It is all amazing and sometimes difficult to comprehend.  We transcend separation and connect energetically. Energy is not limited by space or time.

A connection is made with the client who is open to receive the healing.  There have been many studies in relation to this form of healing.  My experience and feedback from clients is that distance healing is as effective as in person sessions.  If you would like to delve deeper into the science of it, you can check out

What happens during Distance Healing

The session can be conducted over skype, or alternatively the session can be recorded and forwarded to the client afterward. 

Firstly, contact is made with me either by email or by phone.  We will discuss your health and wellness concerns.  I will like to find out what your primary focus for the session is, complete a Client Consultation Form and get consent for the treatment. We will then schedule a mutually suitable day and time for the Distance Healing Session. 

At the appointed time, the client can sit or lay down in the comfort of their own home and arrange not to be disturbed.  If the healing modality is either BodyMind Balancing or Biofield Tuning, I will be guiding you through the treatment and tell you what is being addressed in the live session.

For energy healing modalities, I will tune into your unique vibration and frequency. There will be silence during the treatment and you will be in a receptive mode to receive.   I will give you feedback after the session is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the session?

I like to have a picture of the client beforehand which is a supportive tool to connect in with. 

On the day of the healing, it is beneficial to have an open mind and to set your own intention clearly for yourself for what you would like to achieve from the session. 

Get comfortable and warm and give yourself the space to be alone and trust you will receive what you need to receive.

What will I feel during the session?

These treatments work on all aspects of your being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

We store emotional stress, mental stress, trauma and negative beliefs in our energy field.  These are blocks to our personal growth, our happiness and peace of mind and impact our ability to function at our full potential.

These Distance Healing sessions have the potential to shift theses blocks and in this process sometimes old memories re-surface or emotions we have buried come up to be healed and cleared.

  • You may feel sleepy, or tired
  • Temperature changes can occur such as feeling heat or coolness
  • Sometimes tingling sensations happen in the body, or bodily pain can momentarily occur
What will I feel after the session?

You may feel some or none of these symptoms:

  • A sense of well-being and peace
  • Deep relaxation 
  • Lightness and brightness
  • Clarity 
  • Deeper awareness
  • Energised 
  • Detox symptoms such as a running nose, or a cold which is clearing
How many sessions will I need?

Some clients may only require one session.  However, my experience is a course of 3 sessions is more supportive of the ongoing development and maintenance of health and well-being.  This will be discussed at the end of the first session. 

The average time between sessions is normally one to two weeks.

Each session lasts approximately one hour.

Distance Healing sessions remove the barriers of travel restrictions and offer us the freedom to restore balance and harmony to our everyday lives from the comfort and warmth of our own homes.

How Distance Biofield Tuning Works

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