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Shantih Therapies Ireland offers a variety of Holistic Health and Wellness Therapies to support, balance and facilitate healing when the BodyMind is out of alignment, due to the fast-paced lifestyle that we lead today. 

Treatments are provided by Mary McCumiskey, Owner & Certified Holistic Health Practioner at Shantih Therapies.  Treatments are available in a number of locations in Ireland including Co. Louth, Co. Meath and Dublin. Contact Mary to schedule an appointment. 

Shantih Therapies

Healing Workshops

Regular Classes & Workshops enable you to access more of the energy in the subconscious for healing, personal growth and development.  It gives us an opportunity to discover and connect with ourselves and as a group.  The classes & workshops at Shantih Therapies are extremely popular and places fill up fast!

Workshops - Holistic Health and Wellness Ireland
Healing Workshops - Holistic Health and Wellness Ireland



Balance Workshops - Holistic Health and Wellness Ireland
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BodyMind Balancing Client Experience

About 5 years ago two colleagues of mine recommended Mary from Shantih Therapies.  I had a long stress-related illness and although I had recovered, I couldn’t seem to get my energy back.  I found Mary’s treatments wonderful, they really suited me and worked for me.

I had a bereavement in my family and from time-to-time, this brought up issues that were very difficult for me to deal with. Body Mind Balancing brought me back to myself and then I could cope.  Later on, I received Sound Therapy from Mary and this pin-pointed emotional baggage that I carried.  As a result of sound therapy, I was able to let it all go.  I have benefited so much from Mary’s expertise, wisdom and dedication to her healing practice.

I cannot recommend Mary highly enough – the treatments are different, you really need to try it for yourself and see how good it is!


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