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BodyMind Balancing

BodyMind Balancing’s major assets are simplicity, safety and the speed of its results.  It is non-invasive and individual to each client.  It requires no diagnosis and there are no contraindications. 

The treatment uses the breath and a tapping technique to restore harmony and health to the body & mind in order to support balance and facilitate healing when the BodyMind is out of alignment.

Sound Healing

Every sound used during a Biofield TuningSound Healing or Sound Bath session carries a different vibration.  Our bodies change every day, our responses to life are mostly governed by our emotional reactions and our thoughts.  

Different instruments such as gong, drums, Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, crystal tuning forks are played in a sacred space of calmness, openness, non-judgment. The sounds help you cultivate space within yourself to find peace and bliss beneath the turmoil of our everyday lives.

Sound - Holistic Health and Wellness Ireland
Shantih Therapies - Reflexology Treatment


It is simple and non-invasive.  Reflexologists use pressure techniques on the reflexes stimulating the related reflex point in the body, which stimulates the body’s own healing processes in order to keep it in homeostasis ie. balance.

Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology, Baby Reflexology & Facial Reflexology are available at Shantih Therapies.


Massages offer an opportunity to relax and restore. There are many benefits to be gained from regular massages.  The following massages are available at Shantih Therapies:

Indian Head Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Fertility Massage, Restorative Women’s Massage, Vibrational Fascia Release Technique™ (VFRT)

Shantih Therapies - Massage Treatment

Women’s Health

At Shantih Therapies I offer treatments to support women on this continuous journey of learning, growing and evolving through the many stages of our lives from young hood to senior hood. 

We carry the DNA of our ancestors within our wombs and we all come from a long line of strong, independent, courageous women. We can awaken more deeply to the divine feminine energies of love and light, feel more confident and self-empowered through receiving these attunements and healings

‘’Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us’’. Marianne Williamson

My goal is to share with women all that I have learned through my life experiences with healing therapies, inspire them to greatness, to know and feel how wonderful life is with them in the world.


Client Experience


“I found the sound baths a wonderful experience. Mary is a wonderful therapist who always has time for you. So insightful of your needs, she has helped me and my family so much which I can’t thank her enough for.  Mary is brilliant at everything she does with her therapies’’ 


‘’I’ve been going to Mary now for over 5 years.

Never once have I come away from any treatment without some benefit.

I’ve tried a few different treatments ie BodyMind Balancing, Tameana, Sounds Baths and I have also done some workshops with Mary, most recently, the Heart Connection. I’ve found that every treatment has something to offer and they find you as things change in your life.

I can’t recommend Mary highly enough and can’t wait to get back to my Sound Baths”

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Shantih Therapies Treatment

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